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DOB: April 5, 2012 - RETIRED


DOB: July 31, 2012 - RETIRED


DOB: May 16, 2016


DOB: March 27, 2013 - RETIRED


DOB: July 19, 2013 - RETIRED

RIP - Kujo

DOB: July 16 2012 - July 22, 2019



DOB: January 14, 2018


DOB: May 16, 2016


DOB: July 27, 2017

Here is a little insight into the personalities of our Golden's. Although they are all raised together and treated the same they all most certainly have unique personalities!

**Abigal – She is our free spirit, she doesn’t need entertainment 24/7 and is perfectly content with playing by herself. She is also our water lover! She will dip her entire face into a water bucket OR toilet!! She loves pools, lakes, bathtubs, oceans and water hoses (you cannot turn one on without her face being at the end of it)! She also has one heck of a ‘screech’ NOT a bark a ‘screech’. I blame it on my daughter for always talking to her in a high pitch voice when she was a puppy (and yes Kelsi still talks to her like that!

**Oliver – WOW! He is our prince charming! Everyone that meets Oliver wants to take him home! He is loving and calmer than a turtle! Haha. He will get excited but only when the others’ are excited around him. He would rather lay on the floor than a couch/bed (I say he is just being a gentleman ☺). Just an all-around sweet, loving puppy!

**Finland (AKA: Fynnland – Fynn is a 'puppy' of ours and his parents are Teagan & Oliver. Once we knew when we would be retiring Teagan and Oliver, we KNEW we had to keep their amazing genetics and what better way than having their son step in once he turned 2 years of age. Finland has his daddy's stellar good looks along with his mama's energy. He has grown into such a precious and fun loving boy! He LOVES all people and animals and has always been a 'mama's boy'. He is the perfect addition to our family!

**Lily – She is THE princess of the bunch and needs no introduction! Haha!! She has never turned down a meal or an opportunity to be loved on. She still thinks she can be a lap dog and of course we let her ☺. She loves everyone but is ‘My Girl’! She can ‘sing’ better than any Golden I have heard – seriously she sings (that’s what I call it). Usually once a day around 7am and everyone tries to join in but she does it best! She does have a tendency of being a ‘drama queen’ too ☺ - especially about her stuffed animals!

**Paisley – She is a LOVER and one of our sweetest and most affectionate. She came to us along with her sister Chloe and they are absolutely two peas in a pod!! Paisley will shake her head No, No, and loves to run and play but has decided fetching is not her 'forte'. She loves baths but HATES the blow dryer.

**Chloe - She is my daughters 'baby' and will always look for her. She has a little more adventurous side than her sister Paisley. She HATES a bath but LOVES the blow dryer (go figure ;-)! She has a the ability to give Kujo a run for his money with fetching and Abigal doesn't enjoy the fact the Chloe loves balls as much as her. She is a lover as well but loves to explore!

**Maycee - She is very shy and timid but loves everyone! She is very petite in size, only weighing in around 50lbs. She has the most gentle personality and is fascinated with our little Dachshund and Yorkie! Maycee also does anything for a treat or any food in general! ;)

**Kujo – He LOVES to play! He has more energy than any of the others and could play fetch ALL day! His favorite game is dropping tennis balls into his water bucket and then playing ‘bobbing for balls’! He is a ‘mama’s boy’ and wants all of the attention, he will sneeze at you if you are not giving him enough of it. He is also a sweetie and wants to please everyone! He is probably our most obedient and strong headed of the bunch! He loves water and swimming but has a little ‘anxiety’ with showers….

**Teagan – She is our ‘go getter’ with a heart of gold! She is on the move all the time (even if her body quits her tail never does) and is always ‘smiling’! She loves to be brushed and her tummy rubbed. She hates leashes and parking lots and will drop to her belly and require you to carry her ☺! She has a bark like a gigantic Great Dane that scares everyone but would run up to you and sit and wait for a treat. Though she is the smallest of the bunch that doesn’t stop her from jumping higher than our bed when she thinks its bed time! Truly a one of a kind sweetheart!