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"Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras

   We are a family of 14 (Bridget, Brett, Kelsi, Chase, Shorty, Teagan, Oliver, Fynnland, Lily, Abigal, Kujo (RIP), Maycee, Chloe, Paisley and Cooper!!! Well 10 of those have four furry legs but they complete our family! We have 3 American Golden Retrievers, 5 English Cream Retrievers, 1 Dachshund/Rat Terrier mix and 1 Yorkie. I personally have always had a huge passion for ALL animals but my love is with our dogs! Raising Golden's all began with our beautiful male Kujo. We brought him home as a puppy (Happy Birthday to me), and from there we realized we could not have just one! Golden's have so much love to give and truly have a heart of GOLD!

   All of our pet's are raised with love, attention and respect because that is what we receive from them. Everyday our dogs can be seen running around the property, swimming in the creek or lounging on the couch. Puppies are raised IN our home and NOT in a kennel. They receive love and interaction with us on a daily basis and are well adapted puppies before going to their new home when they are 8 weeks.

   Thank you for looking and we would be happy in helping you complete your family with a Golden Retriever!