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Kristen Dial Mitchell recommends Roland's Retriever's.
September 6 at 5:19 PM ·
Our sweet Ozzy is from Oliver and Lilly and he’s perfect! 💕🥰🥰🥰

Erin Cembrola reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
June 26, 2018 ·
Our lil' guy, Wally, is almost a year now. He is a great dog, so healthy, smart and such a good temperament. Selecting a breeder is no small task, and there are so many horror stories out there. But, have no fear - Bridget is fantastic! As others have said, she's patient with as many questions as you have and answers all honestly. She keeps you updated on the puppies after they're born. But, most importantly, all of the puppies are treated as members of the family in her home. It was a joy to go pick up Wally and see how he was living in Bridget's home - living very well to say the least! We can't recommend Roland's Retrievers enough!

Stephanie Roberts Larry reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
April 18, 2018 ·
Best experience ever! Bridget is so kind and friendly and always available to answer questions. We picked our little girl, Fenway, up around 11 weeks and I highly recommend giving them a little extra time with their litter. She is a very social, happy and CALM puppy. She aims to please and we could not love her anymore. I highly recommend Roland's Retriever's to anyone in search for a beautiful fur baby for their family. Thank you, Bridget!! XO

Justin Varnes reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
January 4, 2018 ·
The process of buying a puppy was treacherous to say the least...until I connected with Bridget. I read reviews on Roland’s Retrievers, and the thing that kept coming up was how responsive and friendly Bridget is. I will testify to that. She answered every question I had, and...the best way I can put it is...she was EXACTLY the kind of breeder I was hoping to find: Nice, Professional, Knows Her Stuff, Responsive, and really cares about her dogs. Our little Daisy was clearly loved and cared for. She’s been a sweet girl who isn’t scared of us, and is in good health, and so happy to be around.
Bridget also made sure Daisy came to her new home with a care package, and my favorite part was that it was clear her family loved these puppies, instead of seeing $$$ with each one. That was big for me.
Thanks, Bridget! We’ll send lots of pics of Daisy!

Laura Rose reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
January 4, 2018 ·
Very happy with the purchase of our sweet puppy! These puppies are loved and well taken care of! Bridget was awesome ! I highly recommend you consider buying your beautiful Golden here. Thank you Bridget for all the extras you’ve given us:)
Our hearts are once again full♥

Diane Diehl Mikle reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
November 11, 2017 ·
Our Lucy is now seven months old and we just love her so. She's so smart and sweet. You won't regret a puppy from Roland's Retrievers. My husband wishes all the time that we had gotten one more.

Megan Kenney Levis reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
September 23, 2017 ·
We got our Rosie just a few weeks ago. She is the perfect addition to our family. At 10 weeks old she is already ringing her bell to let us know every time she has to go out. She sits on command and is also starting to give us her paw! Bridget was so wonderful through the entire process. From the moment Rosie was born she kept us updated on her, sending pictures and videos and answering any and all questions. We were several states away and she ensured a safe delivery of our precious pup on her first airplane ride to her new home. She shipped us a beautiful care package with food, treats, a baby's blanket with mamas scent, and so much more. It is so evident how much time and love the Roland family puts into raising their pups. We would highly recommend a puppy from Roland Retrievers and will forever be grateful to Bridget and family for our newest family member.

Missy Glass reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
September 18, 2017 ·
We got our precious boy this weekend and I don't know how we ever lived without him! Bridget does an AMAZING job raising these puppies! You can tell they are loved on, cuddled, talked to, and have begun training! Our baby is very relaxed, loves to snuggle and play, and is already doing really well with potty training! She kept us informed through the entire process answering questions, sending pictures and videos, and answering any questions we had! I would HIGHLY recommend!

Cassie Rodriguez reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
September 15, 2017 ·
We got our little guy Apollo a couple of weeks ago and he is just an all around wonderful pup! You can tell they are raised in such a loving environment. Apollo has been such a great addition to our family! He's already pretty rotten with daily car rides and playing outside with his little humans. I would 100% reccomend Bridget and her family if you're interested in a new family member!

Lindsey Lewis reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
September 6, 2017 ·
We have had Oscar since Saturday, he is perfect in every way. Bridget is awesome,we also got our daughter a surprise pup Timber,between us it was a hard but well kept secret until the last minute. Bridget was awesome at replying to my many questions & very prompt at replying. I highly recommend getting a beautiful puppy from her�

Trisha Browning reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
February 27, 2017 ·
Bridget was amazing! She always returned calls or text. She had all the information and stuff to start out with when we picked up our Kona. And Kona is sooooo precious and spoiled after 3 days. If anyone is looking for a good experience and puppies that are loved definitely get them from Roland Retrievers!

Ian VanBergen reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
February 21, 2017 ·
What i love the most about rolands retrievers is the care they put into making sure you feel as comfortable as possible when you decide to bring a puppy into your home. Super friendly and professional, and they periodically post videos so you can get an idea on the personalities of the pups real time, it feels like you are with them as they grow. We originally decided on a mix (english and american), but due to not having enough puppies we ended up picking an english out of the next litter. They were very accomodating to refund the money for the deposit or wait for a future litter (which we ended up doing). We also went and visited a litter right before they were going to get picked up (not our litter, but wanted to get an idea before we dropped a bunch of money). The puppies are sooooooo well taken care of, and you can tell they are constantly loved and played with as they showed no aggressive behaviors and are used to human contact. Thank you so much for everything, and i would reccommend rolands retrievers to anyone who wants a life long companion and a puppy that is raised the way it should be before 8 weeks.

Kelly Edge reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
January 12, 2017 ·
Where to even start?! Bridget was absolutely amazing throughout our entire process of picking out our sweet baby Axel. He will always be our "little blue boy". When it came to picking him up, she made sure we were thoroughly informed about how to care for a new puppy and made sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed. She sent us home with everything you need for a new puppy and then some. You can tell these puppies were raised in a loving home because of how sweet and loving they are. We are more than happy with Rolands Retrievers and would choose them time and time again for a puppy. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a retriever. We are more than satisfied and can't put into words how great these amazing breeders are

Emily Shultz reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
January 6, 2017 ·
Our experience with Roland's Retrievers was awesome. Bridget was always super quick to answer any questions we had throughout the whole process! It was great to be able to watch all the puppies from our litter, Lily and Oliver, grow up! We have only had our little 'red' girl Finley for just about a week and we are so in love! Bridget has the puppies in her house and did a great job with letting them experience 'daily life'. Finley isn't scared of any noises, loves everyone she meets, very smart and catches on to what we teach her and of course adorable! We are so thankful to Bridget and her family!

Karen Schmidt reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
December 31, 2016 ·
Our Teddy is 6 months old now and we are thankful for the wonderful care Bridget and family at Roland's Retrievers gave him during his first eight weeks of life. They were accommodating, kind and professional from the start and we are thrilled with our puppy.

Sallie Birch Birmingham reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
August 28, 2016 ·
My experience was nothing but terrific. There is such a difference in dogs raised in a home rather then a kennel. Daisy became my new baby in July 2016. She is a great puppy, house broken in no time at all, slept through the night the very first night. These great qualities come when a pup has a great start in live and Roalnd's provides that in aces. Communication from the get go was awesome and I highly recommend Roland's to anyone who is looking for a great pup. In addition Bridgett is there for you after you bring your pup home, still answering any questions you may have and she remains interested in your pup and your experience. Thank you for a great puppy.

Natalia Rusecka reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
August 26, 2016 ·
From the first time we spoke Bridget was nothing but supportive and accommodating. We brought our Loki home this past Saturday and he is doing so well. When you see the way they've raised their own dogs, and witness the great care they provide to the puppies, it is obvious how much love goes into this. They truly love and appreciate these animals and we couldn't have asked for a better person to buy our puppy from. Thanks again Bridget and family! -Ramsey and Natalia

Angie Toole reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
August 26, 2016 ·
Our family was very impressed with the wealth of information and expertise offered by Bridget Roland when we picked up our puppy Charlie. His health, both physical and emotional seem perfect. He's a happy little guy, and a great addition to our family.

Jennifer Daniel reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
July 25, 2016
We feel so blessed that we found Roland's Retrievers! We have two of their babies/puppies and we are so happy with our Luci and Mac! They are the best dogs ever and big brother Boomer has accepted them well too. Thank you Bridget and family for our sweet new babies/puppies!!! We love our full house! ❤️��❤️Love

Eileen Gross reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star 
July 25, 2016
We started following Roland's Retrievers on Facebook 2 and 1/2 years ago. I made an inquiry through email with Bridget, and from that day to this we have had nothing but a pleasant experience. On July 23rd 2016 we became the proud owners of Jack Daniels and Oliver Queen, from Teagan and Oliver's 5/16 litter.
They have been a joy and our experience with Bridget has been amazing. Bridget has answered any questions we had and always responds quickly. She gives weekly updates while you await your new fur baby and send pictures and video. We still send texts back and forth with updates on the boys progress, so she can see how well they are doing. This family gives their puppies all the love and attention they need and then some. Jack and Oliver were well socialized and loved and they have adjusted to their new home with out a problem. I cannot say enough good things about Roland's Retriever's they are the absolute best hands down. If your looking for a great breeder look no further, this is the ONE!! on a side note... Bridget's kids are amazing at helping with the puppies, they give a lot of time and attention to these little sweethearts. We love Roland's Retriever's!

Jaime Kahan reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
July 17, 2016
Great puppies and I know that they really care about their pups. Also goes above and beyond to get them where they are suppose to be.

Ashley Williams reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
July 29, 2016
Roland's Retrievers is the best! We brought our Piper girl home last Saturday and are so in love! From the first time we reached out to Bridget until now (we still text to ask questions and send picture updates!), she's been super helpful and communication is great! With the weekly Facebook pictures and videos and text messages with updates, Bridget kept us very connected with our puppy until she was able to come home with us! You can tell how much care, love and attention the entire Roland family gives their puppies. Piper was socialized well and has had no problem making herself right at home with our family! Thanks again, Bridget!!

Pat Manning reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
July 15, 2016
We've had our sweet Belle for a week now and she has been an amazing addition to our family. She has so much personality and she has been a rockstar in her crate and in the house training department. We are so appreciative for all of the love that Bridget and the entire Roland family has given their pups, we feel like finding them was such a blessing. Between the amazing Facebook updates and the personal interest Bridget takes in helping her families get ready for the puppy adventure, words can't describe how grateful we are to have worked with her. Thank you Bridget and to the entire Roland family!!

Lynn Price reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
March 16, 2016
How can we thank Bridget enough for sharing Zeke with us. Our experience working with the Roland family was very pleasant. Bridget was very accommodative when we needed her to fly Zeke back to Kansas. Zeke arrived in excellent shape, it was obvious she had taken great strides to make everything perfect for his flight. Zeke's demeanor is calm, trusting, playful and sweet. His temperament is balanced and Each day is filled with joy and anticipation. These English Cream pups are so special. This family raises them with love and attention which is evident in how they are handled and how well they adjust to their new families. Thanks again and I would recommend this family and this bloodline of pups without reservation!

Alexis Golden Spade reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
February 10, 2016
We are so in love with our Shiloh!! Bridget and her family are so wonderful! She has been so helpful since the very first conversation we had. We can't be more happy with the way everything has turned out! We were so excited to get pictures every week of our baby! Any questions I had she answered in minutes. What a wonderful decision we made to get a "Roland Retriever"!! Thank you to the Roland Family!

Kim Correa Stephens reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
February 6, 2016
Our experience with Roland's has been AMAZING! From my very first email interaction with Bridget, I knew we made the right decision. The weekly picture updates got us so excited about our boy. Bridget was incredibly accommodating and flexible with us and even kept him longer than expected when we needed. She's answered every question and clearly showed our boy so much love while he was there. Her family went above and beyond for us! Brady has been amazing for our family. He is the sweetest, calmest and most loving puppy I've ever encountered. He is incredibly smart and our little shadow already. Thank you doesn't seem like enough!!

Jennifer Ryan-Lamadeleine reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
February 1, 2016
We cannot thank the Roland's enough for bringing Gizmo into our life. He is everything they said he is and more. Can't wait for our next puppy.

Jared Chastain reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
January 17, 2016
Our new puppies, Neko and Maggie, are so loving and smart. Thank you to the whole caring Roland Retriever team. Especially for helping me keep the 2nd puppies a secret from my wife!!!! They are already an important part of our family and we look forward to seeing our kids growing right along side these two puppies.

Trevor Baker reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
September 28, 2015
We have 3 golden retrievers and getting our last one from Roland's was by far the best experience and will get our next one from her

Ba Albert reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
April 13, 2015
Our experience adopting Lucky, one of Abby's pups, was extremely easy and fun. We appreciated the photos on line as he was growing old enough to go home with us, the Roland family is terrific. Very considerate and thoughtful about all the details. Every questions answered and concerns addressed. I would, and have, highly recommend them to friends. 
BA, Michael and Gabe Loving and star of the show, Lucky

Kellie LaVigne reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
March 27, 2015
We love our little Cooper! We had a awesome experience with this amazing family! They take the time to post pictures each week and answer any questions you might have. We are so happy we get to raise one of their adorable puppies!

Katie Zito reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
March 19, 2015
We cannot say enough about Bridget and her family. From the time we initially reached out to inquire about a puppy, to the day we brought him home (and even after!), Bridget was extremely responsive and helpful. She made us feel at complete ease during the entire process with her photo updates and constant contact. She even helped us get to know the different puppies personalities so we could decide who the best fit was for us....and we could not be anymore thrilled with out little guy, Bodhi! She really loves and cares so much about each and every puppy and takes the absolute best care of them. Their dogs are top quality and are the perfect family addition. We will be telling everyone we know about Roland's!

Tonya Russell Baker reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
March 18, 2015
I recently purchased Mya from Bridget at Roland Retrievers. I am pleased to say that it was the best experience I have had with purchasing a puppy. We talked for overran hour on the phone the first time we met. Bridget communicated via facebook, cell phone, test message continuously to keep you updated with your puppy. We drove approximately 1,300 miles to pick her up, and I would do it all over again! Mya is a great addition to the 2 girls I already have. Bridget is very caring for her adult dogs along with their puppies and enjoys updates on the puppies. She welcomes any and all questions and is available to answer them. Thank you Bridget, my experience was the best ever, and Mya is happy and healthy!!! :-)

CynDe Copple reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
March 18, 2015
Bridget and her family are wonderful. We got our puppy, Marnie, almost 2 weeks ago. She's beautiful and in excellent health. Bridget made this one of the best experiences we've ever had when getting a new puppy. Her care for the dogs and the new owners is amazing. We love Marnie and are so thankful to Bridget for all her love and care for her pups.

Connie Hulen Coppola reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
March 18, 2015 
Getting Lucy from Bridget (Roland's Retrievers) was such a pleasurable experience. It became much more than simply buying a puppy from someone, it was building a relationship and getting to know a fellow dog lover. Bridgette goes above and beyond, she's always available to answer all questions, she shares updates on the puppies every week along the way, she's very caring and loves all the puppies, she's always happy to get pictures/updates from me about Lucy. I couldn't be happier with my experience. It was a 1,200 mile round trip to get Lucy and worth every mile of it! I would gladly make the trip again, not only because I love Lucy so much, but also because Bridgette makes the entire experience pleasurable. Lucy is a perfect, healthy puppy! Thank you Bridget!!!

Cynthia Paulk Gibbs reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
March 18, 2015
Just can't thank you enough for our new puppy. She's sweet, beautiful and the smartest puppy Ever! You were so helpful with everything. I can't tell you how thankful we are! The Gibbs Family!

Lisa Christy Coleman reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
March 12, 2015
All, we are Fletcher's family. Bridget Roland, and the Roland's Retrievers are anything but breeders. They are just a lovely family who just happens to have fur babies running around her entire house. I cannot express enough, how amazing they were prior to our even committing to one of her babies, thru this moment. Best part of all, we have extended our family to include Bridget and hers.♥️

Nichol Colwell reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
March 4, 2015
I absolutely love photographing all the little fur balls for the Roland Family. While photographing, I am able to see the behind the scene look of how the puppies are treated. With out a doubt, they are loved beyond measure. When choosing Roland Retrievers, you are making an excellent choice! This family doesn't just breed animals, they love them and bond with each pup. I am very blessed to have had the experiences I have with this crew ~ it's always a CRAZY one & that keeps me excited for the next! Great Job, Roland Retrievers! A+++++

Drew Durden reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
February 26, 2015
I just want to take a second to thank one of the most kind-hearted, dog loving, and beautiful family- the Roland's. You all have gone above and beyond these past 8 weeks with raising our little Jax. After the tragedy my family and I went through with our last baby Cooper, we were all hesitant and apprehensive about having another baby, but Bridget and her family have made this the best possible transition. Cooper will always be with us, but our baby Jax is filling a hole better than we could've ever asked. From the weekly photos, to the classical music, and the very strategic upbringing at Roland's Retrievers -this family has it figured out. Golden Retrievers are the most amazing dogs imaginable, Jax is our 4th. If you're thinking about bringing a Golden into your family, a Roland Retriever is the Golden you want.

Karen Blake Dewling reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
December 15, 2014
Bridget goes above and beyond! She does all the required items (registered breeding pairs, with strong pedigrees, meet all certifications, potential puppy buyers are welcome to meet her and parents, all vaccinations, wormings, health checks performed, micro chipped, puppies started in household environment etc). But that is just the beginning! Her weekly (or more) Facebook posts let us watch our puppies grow and change those magical first 8 weeks. We felt we knew them when we picked them up! She truly loves the puppies and all her animals. I know I can call her anytime as an anxious new puppy mom. She is knowledgeable but not opinionated. She has many special touches that I won't divulge because it would spoil the surprise. This is a quality operation. If you are lucky enough to get a Roland Retriever, you are lucky enough!

Stacy Hughes Halstead reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
November 23, 2014
Such a sweet family. So happy to have the privilege of raising one of their sweet puppies

Diane Christison Stow reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
November 6, 2014
Roland's Retrievers are super dogs. Bridget was so kind to send pictures of Jasper each week before we brought him home. Their puppies are raised with lots of love and are so healthy. I would highly recommend Roland Retriever's dogs. Wonderful family.

Emily Foster reviewed Roland's Retriever's — 5 star
November 6, 2014
We love our sweet Luna! Great experience with Roland's Retrievers.